Wellness in Medicine

Medicine, especially in the early stages of the career ladder, is an especially toxic environment. The conundrum of being unwell in a system that promises wellness is an oxymoron in itself.

We hope to change the pace of this blog and focus now on wellness.

Especially in the early stages of this journey.

How do we cultivate a wellness toolkit that will carry us through the tough times and changes in geography that cruelly sisters the journey of medicine?

Here is where I begin: from the bottom up in learning grounding.

My first challenge is this: take a few moments to meditate each morning.


The resource above has moment meditations through to 30 minute long versions. On my first attempt at the practice, I could not believe how many times my mind wandered away from the instructions. I worked out some small piece of why I felt so constantly overwhelmed. I also found that focusing on my hands and my breath were the most powerful grounding sites in my body. What are yours?

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